About Shiatsu

The Art of Touch

Originated in Japan and taking its roots in traditional chinese medicine, Shiatsu is a form of whole body treatment through touch.
An attentive and sensitive touch that can bring the body into a state of intense relaxation, in which it has the possibility to evacuate all forms of stress and tension as well as to re-centre and re-balance itself on the physical, psychic and emotional levels.
A “listening” touch can be holding up a mirror, giving the body the possibility to activate its self-healing forces.
A touch which is guided by what is there, without any intention of manipulation, is accepting and allows acceptance.
A touch in contact, in resonance can accompanies the body into its state and towards its needs.
It can dance while touching the essence.

This is what touches me personally about Shiatsu and what nourishes my practice.

How does a shiatsu session takes place? See here